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Happy Well Hormones - Online 4 Week Program
Feeling moody? PMS? Cycles off? Heavy periods? Low energy? Night sweats? Sluggish? Headaches? Brain fog? Weight gain? Cravings? Gassy? Bloated? Digestive issues?

Did you know all of these symptoms could be related to hormone imbalance?

Step into your own healing, and join me for this four week course. You’ll learn the hormone imbalances connected to these crazy symptoms, you’ll understand which hormone imbalances are coming up for you, how digestion affects our hormones, and how to eat for hormone balance for all stages of your life.

We’ll meet once a week online, for about 1 hour.

You don’t have to attend live, each class will be recorded, and you will receive the replay the next day. The whole course will be within a Facebook Group.