• Image of Fertile Well 8 Week Coaching Circle

An infertility diagnosis can leave us confused, scared, hopeless and feeling broken.
Through this process we experience loss, unanswered questions, and an intense level of stress. So much so, the stress of struggling to conceive has been compared to receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Find your reprieve, your healing and those women that get you and this imperfect journey. Surround yourself in healing, support and community, and join me for the Fertile Well 8 week Coaching Circle.

These 8 weeks are focused on empowerment, support and education.

You will gain:
A supportive community
A clear vision of your future
The ability to clear limiting beliefs
A clear understanding of how to eat for fertility
The knowledge of how to improve egg health
The understanding of how to improve lining health
How to rid your life of toxic chemicals affecting your hormones
How to use Maya Massage to optimize uterine health
An understanding of how to balance your cycles and your hormones
The empowered strength to take your health into your own hands
All individuals seeking pregnancy are welcome to this workshop.
In each session we will participate in a community circle, learn how to optimize our fertility through educational topics, and practice restorative or yoga nidra. Yoga experience is not at all necessary to attend, and all levels are welcome!

Dress comfortably, in layers, for gentle movement. Bring with you a snack, water, two blankets, a yoga mat, a new journal, pen, and a 1” three ring binder for handouts.