• Image of Fertility Yoga 8 Week Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll find support, education, inspiration and peace with your journey of building a family. Whether you are in the midst of fertility treatments, or just starting to walk a holistic path of seeking pregnancy, these eight weeks will be an amazing place for you to optimize your reproductive health, while nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

In each session, we’ll practice yoga, have a featured educational segment (nutrition, coping, non-toxic living, art, ayurvedics, holistic therapies and more), meditation, guided journal writing and conversation. We’ll explore holistic therapies, learn how food can effect our fertility, find ways of coping with stress, and build relationships. This workshop is life changing and transformational!
You will experience amazing benefits like: optimizing your fertile health, gaining a supportive community, learning radical self care techniques, breaking the stress cycles that stifle your fertility, how to use yoga & nutrition to heal your body, techniques and an understanding of holistic therapies that will assist in a healing lifestyle.

All individuals seeking pregnancy are welcome to this workshop.
Ideally, join this workshop AND practice the Wednesday night 7:30-8:45pm drop in class.
Yoga experience is not necessary to attend, beginners are encouraged, and all levels are welcome!
Bring with you to the workshop a new journal, and 1” three ring binder.